Empowering grassroots workers

Solar cooking

All AfriShiners network members are well educated about solar cooking and dissemination of solar cookers.

Clean Cookstoves

At least one clean cookstove will be explained thoroughly at every AfriShiners workshop.

Fireless Cookers

Fireless cookers save 50% cooking energy. Many workshops throughout East Africa have been conducted.

Solar Drying

Solar dryers explanations and construction guidelines can be ordered, using the contact form, free of charge.

Clean energy

At every AfriShiners workshop, the network members are educated about various clean energy issues, water testing, briquette making etc.

AfriShiners is an African network based on the"Faro Declaration of Intent" with the aim to empower grassroots workers.

The umbrella: LHL

The AfriShiners Workshops are organised under the umbrella of the German development aid organisation Lernen - Helfen - Leben. Donations are tax deductible.